Partner support email template

Title: Partner [Partner name] [Merchant name (if applicable)][Environment (live/test)

Email template:

  • Initial context
    •  Description of the issue
    • Is this happening for one merchant account or multiple? Name(s) of merchant account(s) for which it is occuring. See documentation on account structure to identify the type of account it is happening for. 
    • Screenshots
    • Error messages
    • Environment [Live/Test]


  • Adyen Information which you have already used
    • Provide a link of the Adyen documentation you have followed to try and resolve the issue?
    • Have you checked Adyen Github? Has the issue been discussed there or has it been solved in a newer version? If the issue is already raised there, please share the link to the issue.
    • Has this issue been discussed before? Ticket number for the prior discussed information


  • Integration information 
    •  What integration are you using (HPP, CSE, components, drop-in, direct API)? If using:
      • Plugin: please provide the plugin version
      • Checkout (components/plugin): please provide the checkout version and platform (web/ios/android)
      • API library: please provide the library version


  • Issue related data
    • PSP References/Order ID [Or any other referencing in regards to the examples of test payments]
    • Please share internal logging for the issue occurring
    • Steps to reproduce the issue for Adyen support [Provide steps and relevant links]

Email address: partnersupport [at]

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