Troubleshooting your Adyen integration

If you run into any technical issues when working with the Adyen platform, we suggest to take the following steps for troubleshooting your integration.

  1. Check the type of integration you are on. As each integration has detailed explanations in our docs.

a. Depending on the integration you are working on, make sure you have built it correctly. For instance If you are using: 

b. We suggest you are always using the latest version of the integration, mention in which environment (live/test) you are experiencing the issue

c. If you are not using our default integration (as outlined in our documentation) or are using third party modules, we suggest to always add this information in the support ticket.


2. Check your settings and configuration on our Customer Area 

a. Add all the payment methods that you want to offer to your shoppers.

b. Check if your web-service user and admin user have the required roles.

c. Make sure you have set up your features as per our documentation (Note: not all below features are supported for each integration type). Check our documentation for the different features we have:

3. Also, please check all the sources we provide for troubleshooting. 

a. Go through our documentation with your specific integration and requests, and check the information we offer there to see if it matches your setup. 

b. Check the FAQs

c. Check our Adyen Github. We always recommend using the latest version. Always check if your issue has been resolved in our later versions and also you can read through the issues which other merchants have had, and solve your issue accordingly. 


If you cannot resolve the issue when taking the steps above, then please reach out to our support team.

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