What does it mean if a payment is refused because of 3D Not Authenticated?

When payments are refused with acquirer response ‘3D Not Authenticated (3D Not Authenticated)’, it is sometimes possible to find out more about why the authentication failed. In order to do so, you will need the information that is displayed on the payment details page of the payment. On that page, please take a look at the ‘3DS’ section and choose one of the options below.

3D Secure version ‘2.1.0’ or ‘2.2.0’

For payments with acquirer response ‘3D Not Authenticated (3D Not Authenticated)’ that used 3D Secure versions 2.1.0 or 2.2.0, it is possible to get a better insight into why the authentication was not successful.

Three fields in the 3DS section on the payment details page are important in this regard. Please keep in mind that these fields are not always available.

1) transStatus in RReq (‘3DS RReq trans status’)

The transStatus in the RReq shows the final authentication status of the transaction. The meaning of the possible values can be found here.  

2) transStatusReason (‘3DS RReq trans status reason’)

This field provides more insights into why the payment received a specific final transStatus. Visit this page for an overview of the possible values.

3) Challenge cancel (‘3DS Challenge cancel’)

This value indicates why a challenge was canceled. The meaning of the values can be found here.

An example of a 3D Secure field of a 3D Secure 2 payment with ‘3D Not Authenticated (3D Not Authenticated)’ can be found below. 


Interpreting the fields

The mentioned fields display information that issuers send to explain why authentication failed in the case of 3D Secure 2. You can use this information to see if the failure was:

  • an integration issue, in which case we recommend to replicate the issue and modify your integration, 
  • a valid reason from the issuing bank, in which case the shopper can reach out to the bank or attempt the payment with a different payment method.

3D Secure version ‘1.0.2’

For payments with acquirer response ‘3D Not Authenticated (3D Not Authenticated)’ that used 3D Secure version 1.0.2, we do not have further insights into why these transactions were refused. Most likely, it means the shopper failed the authentication (probably because of entering a wrong password/code).

The 3D Secure section does show that 3D Secure was requested (‘*3DS requested’), but not successful (‘*3DS challenged’ -> ‘Not Authenticated’). 

An example of a 3D Secure field of a refused 3D Secure 1 payment can be found below. 


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