How can I solve the "request already processed or in progress" error?

Status 422 response with the message "Request already in process" like the following example below, means the request to /payments/details or /authorise3d is submitted more than once with the same payload. 

This can happen when a shopper fails the authentication step (the challenge presented by their issuing back) and then presses the back button after being redirected back to your page where they see the payment failed. If they press back, and re-send the challenge form, you (the merchant) may send the exact same paymentData in the /payment/details call leading to mentioned error message.

This errorMessage usually points to shopper behaviour causing two same /details or /authorise3d calls. One resulting in a successful transaction while the other triggering the below errorMessage. These 2 calls to our endpoint is usually no more than a few seconds apart. 

    "status": 422,
    "errorCode": "704",
    "message": "request already processed or in progress",
    "errorType": "validation"

You may consider using our idempotency solution to avoid such scenarios in the future. 

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