How can we solve the Chrome Cookie policy issues for Magento 2 platform version 2.2.8 and lower?

In November 2020 we have managed to resolve the Chrome Cookie policy. Unfortunately fixing this issue meant that we had to drop the support for the platform versions that are 2.2.8 and lower. However knowing that we have multiple merchants on this version, this FAQ will provide some guidelines in helping to make your platform compatible with the fix, until you have the resources to upgrade.

In the fix's Pull Request we are creating a plugin to the class TransparentSessionChecker here.

The reason for this is that the function is used in this line and we can stop initiating the session when we reach the transparent adyen redirect controller.

Unfortunately in 2.2.8 and below the start function runs either way in this section. For that reason it needs to be stopped by extending the core class and overriding that function. However we do not want to do that in the plugin because of conflicting plugins or customisations.

For 2.2.8 and below what you can do though is to override the function and keep the same functionality as here except adding the same check around the core. What we added can be found in this line.


public function start()
    if (strpos((string)$this->request->getPathInfo(), 'adyen/transparent/redirect') === false) { // If the request is not for the adyen transparent redirect controller then run the below
        if (!$this->isSessionExists()) {
            ... // original code
        $this->storage->init(isset($_SESSION) ? $_SESSION : []);
    return $this;
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