How to prepare for token migration? [Import]

To migrate card details from another payment service provider to the Adyen payments platform, you need to provide us with a CSV file containing the recurring payment details. We will then import this file. After importing, we will send you an output file with the migration results.


Steps you need to take into account:

[1] Request the export of the card details from your current provider and send them to Adyen for import. Ensure you format the CSV as described in Import payment details for recurring payments

[2] We insist on receiving the card details in a secure matter. Therefor the import file needs to be PGP encrypted. You can either request a merchant specific PGP key or use the Adyen Product Security Key

[3] We prefer card details distribution over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). It is common practice that the party receiving the card data facilitates the SFTP share. To create a merchant specific SFTP for migrations we need the following information:

  • SSH key
  • IP address
  • Contact Information (name, email)

[4] Decide on an internal shopper reference to use as the Adyen shopperReference. Please indicate the column (value) which you want to use as the shopperReference.

[5] More information can be found in our documentation.


Once the import is finished it will create a result file. We will create a line in the export file for each line in the import file (1 to 1 mapping). The result file contains the following columns:

status, paymentMethodVariant, shopperReference, recurringDetailReference, alias, expiryMonth, expiryYear, bin, cardSummary, issuerCountryCode, echodata, statusMessage, fundingSource.

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