Which chargebacks does Adyen defend automatically?

Adyen automatically defends chargebacks in the following situations:

  • Transaction was fully refunded before the chargeback was initiated (refund amount is equal to 90% or more of the transaction amount) 
  • Transaction has 3DS liability shift and chargeback is fraud-related
  • Multiple chargebacks for one capture/ transaction
  • Chargeback was initiated outside the allowed timeframe (typically 120 days from transaction date)
  • Chargeback includes a technical error that invalidates it
  • Chargeback reason code is not applicable to your Merchant Category Code (MCC)
  • The 16th fraudulent chargeback on the same card for Mastercard 

If you believe a chargeback should have been auto-defended but was not, it may be due to one of the following:

  • Transaction was refunded:
    • Refund was for less than 90% of the transaction amount
    • Transaction was fully refunded by issuing multiple partial refunds
  • Transaction has 3DS liability shift:
    • Reason code is not fraud-related
  • Chargeback initiated outside 120-day timeframe:
    • Timeframe calculated from expected delivery date, not transaction date; this applies to some dispute reasons such as non-delivery of merchandise

Please note that chargebacks for some payment methods (Sepa, PayPal, Klarna) or with certain reason codes are not defendable, and Adyen auto-defense will not be used in these cases.

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