How can I defend a fraud chargeback?


Defending fraud chargebacks is difficult, and it is recommended to focus on avoiding them - our RevenueProtect system can help with this. By using 3DS authentication you can shift liability for fraud chargebacks to the issuing bank and Adyen will automatically defend any fraud chargebacks when 3DS liability shift applies.

You should only defend a fraud chargeback if you have compelling evidence that the cardholder participated in or authorized the transaction. You must show it was the cardholder that made the purchase, and not someone else.

To defend a fraud chargeback, you can submit the following evidence:

  • Correspondence with cardholder
  • Confirmation email, copy of invoice
  • Record of previous non-disputed payments
  • Signed proof of delivery, and AVS match
  • Evidence cardholder has verified account before transaction
  • Date the cardholder began use of the service
  • Evidence that cardholder used the service before

Please note that providing the items listed here as evidence does not guarantee you will win the dispute - the issuer may still reject your defense.

Fraud chargebacks on POS transactions cannot be defended through the Customer Area or Disputes API. If you receive a fraud chargeback for a POS transaction, please contact the Adyen Disputes Team.


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