How can I customize the Multibanco payment email

For multibanco payments, a generic Adyen branded email is sent out to your shoppers by default. If you are using HPP integration, the content of this email can be customized in the skin itself. Skins are available in the Customer Area (TEST) > Settings > Skins > Click on your skin > Extra options > Edit language files. Here you can find a list of key entries that correspond to the sentences shown in the email. These are: 

  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.from_address (
  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.subject (“Your Multibanco payment details”)
  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.title (“Your Multibanco payment details”)
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.instructions (“Please pay with the provided Multibanco reference and entity before…”)
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.reference (“Reference”)
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.entity (“Entity”)
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.amount (“Amount”)
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.deadline (“Payment Deadline”)

You can change these sentences by entering the one you want in the black field right next to these key entries. After changing, don't forget to save and publish the skin to live. To change the image and logo you can refer to the instructions on our docs here: Payment reminder email

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