What does chargeback reason 4853: Cardholder Dispute mean?

The Mastercard/Maestro dispute reason 4853: Cardholder Dispute can indicate one of the following:

  • Goods or services were either not as described or defective, including shipped merchandise was received damaged or not suitable for its intended purpose as well as the merchant didn’t honor the terms and conditions of a contract.
  • Goods or services were not provided.
  • Digital goods were purchased totaling USD 25 or less and did not have adequate purchase controls.
  • Credit not processed.
  • Counterfeit goods alleged to be authentic were purchased.
  • Recurring transaction canceled prior to billing.
  • Addendum dispute or “no-show” hotel charge was billed.
  • Purchase transaction did not complete.
  • Timeshare agreement or similar service provision was canceled within Mastercard time frame, regardless of the contractual terms.
  • Credit posted as a purchase.

Typically the cardholder will contact you if one of the aforementioned applies; please review your previous correspondence with the cardholder or contact them directly for more information.

For compliance reasons, the Mastercard cardholder letter, which contains information about the chargeback, cannot be shown in the Adyen Customer Area. If you wish to review the cardholder letter, please contact the Adyen Disputes Team via disputes@adyen.com.

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