Why do I get a 404 error for adyen.min.js after activating Magento's JS minification?

If you get a 404 when accessing adyen.min.js ,this is likely happening because you've enabled Magneto's minification. However the minified version of our `adyen.js` does not exists with the following URL https://checkoutshopper-live.adyen.com/checkoutshopper/sdk/3.4.0/adyen.min.js.

If you take .min out of the URL you will get the Javascript file.

In order to resolve this issue, you need to add an exclusion rule to your minifier. You have to create/update the configuration value for the dev/js/minify_exclude path to include the URL or a pattern of the URL.

For example:

INSERT INTO core_config_data (scope, scope_id, path, value) VALUES ('default', 0, 'dev/js/minify_exclude', 'adyen.com/checkoutshopper');

This SQL query could override a previous configuration if you have one, so you should check if it needs to be updated instead.

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