How do I update my PGP key?

PGP keys are used to sign, encrypt, and decrypt files and communications.

To secure sensitive information, we use PGP encryption for:

PGP keys can expire, and you need to ensure that any PGP keys you have registered with Adyen are valid and up to date. If a PGP key expires, your ability to process transactions may be affected.

Updating a PGP key

Two weeks before a PGP key is due to expire, we display a message in the System Messages widget of your Adyen Customer Area. This message indicates the ID of the expiring key, and when it will expire. If you subscribe to Account-related system messages, you will also receive this message by email.

If you see this message, you will need to register an updated PGP key with Adyen. For more information on how to do this, see Handle an expiring PGP key in our developer documentation.

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