How can I test a responseCode?

To test different responseCodes, you can do a normal test payment request to /payments using one of our test cards, and adding a additionalData object containing a RequestedTestAcquirerResponseCode element. In this object you specify the desired responseCodes

For example, if you want to get responseCode 6 - Expired Card you can do a payment request like the following:

"amount": {
"currency": "USD",
"value": 1000
"paymentMethod": {
"type": "scheme",
"expiryYear": "2020",
"expiryMonth": "10",
"cvc": "737",
"number": "4444333322221111",
"holderName": "J. De Tester"
"additionalData": {
"RequestedTestAcquirerResponseCode": 6
"reference": "ref213784568978023465896",
"merchantAccount": "YOUR_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT"

Check our result code testing page for a detailed guide. For all possible responseCodes refer to Adyen response codes

If testing using the additionalData object is not available for you, you can also test responseCodes using the card holder name.

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