How do I enable Recurring or One Click transactions in Magento 2?

In order to create recurring contracts or one click transactions within Adyen, there are several steps that need to be completed. Make sure the following is configured:

Billing agreements in Adyen

To allow creation of billing agreements, additional data in the API response needs to be added. This can be done through the Adyen Customer area > Account > API URLs > Additional data in API response >> by including:

  • Card Bin
  • Card Summary
  • Expiry Date
  • Cardholder name
  • Recurring Details
  • Variant

Advanced: Billing Agreements

In this section, you can can indicate which contract should be created when paying with credit card transactions (ONECLICK, RECURRING). 

API credit card payments

In the CreditCard API integration section set Vault Enabled to 'yes' as an alternative to the Billing Agreements functionality. The shopper details are saved immediately after the payment, and shown to the shopper as the first payment method during checkout.

Adyen Stored Payment Methods - Requires Adyen Credit Card

In this section, the type of stored payment methods offered to the shopper during checkout can be selected. To enable it, set it to 'yes' and select the contract you want to offer the shopper:

  • ONECLICK – show stored payment methods for one-click transactions, where the shopper needs to enter their CVC/CVV to complete the payment.
  • RECURRING – show stored payment methods for recurring transactions, where the shopper can complete the payment without providing additional details.

Also make sure to ask the Adyen Support Team to enable the RECURRING_CONTRACT notification on your account, in order to receive RECURRING_CONTRACT notifications for storing the details.

Checkout Settings in Customer Area

Make sure that the settings in the Customer Area are set depending on your preference. If the checkbox is selected, then the shopper information is stored by default regardless of the shopper preference to save the details. Changes can be made here ("change payment methods" role required):

Customer Area >> Account >> Checkout >> deselect:

  • Create Recurring contract by default

If the checkout settings are deselected, then for any recurring transactions the shopper uses the "Save for my next payment" checkbox in their checkout to indicate if they want the card details to be stored. 

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