COVID-19: What do I need to do before reopening my store?

If your store has been closed for an extended period of time, there are a couple of steps to take before reopening:

  1. Optionally clean your payment terminal. Refer to How can I clean or disinfect my terminal for detailed instructions on how to best do that.
  2. At least 24 hours in advance, connect the terminal to a power supply and turn it on. This allows the terminal to pick up updates that happen overnight.
  3. Do the following basic checks:
      • When the terminal has started up, verify that the Adyen logo or your company logo appears on the terminal display.
      • To ensure the terminal is protected against security vulnerabilities that were discovered recently, verify that the terminal has the correct software version.
        • e280, e285, e285p, M400, P400 Plus, V400c Plus, V400m must have version 1.56 or later.
        • e315m, e355, VX675, VX680, VX690, VX820 must have version 1.50.
        • MX925 must have version 1.46.
        • UX300 and UX410 must have version 1.57 or later.

You can check the software version in the terminal list in your  Customer Area, or on the terminal itself in the Info menu (press 5 and then Confirm, or press 5 + Confirm at the same time) or in the Admin menu > Software. 

      • If you have terminals that are in storage or otherwise inactive, ensure that these terminals are also protected: Connect these terminals to your network and board them so that they are updated to the correct software version during the boarding.
      • If you have a portable or handheld terminal, recharge it for at least 4 hours, or 24 hours in case of a V400m terminal.
      • Inspect the terminal for tampering:
        Check for missing seals or screws, holes in the device, and anything inserted in or attached to the card reader, ports, display, or keypad. Refer to Regular inspection.
      • Do a PSP connection test:
        Open the Admin menu and select Network > Diagnostics > PSP connection. All items should have a green check mark.
      • To verify that the terminal is operating properly, do a "penny test":
        Make a live payment for a minimal amount and check the status of this payment in your Customer Area > Transactions> Payments.

Please note that when you turn on the payment terminal after it was off for a long time, it makes a maintenance call to synchronize the configuration and update the software. It can take 10 to 20 minutes before startup is completed. 

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