What does a Balance transfer in the Settlement Detail Report mean?

A balance transfer is shown on the Settlement Detail Report when there are chargebacks or other adjustments in your payable batch. This is also shown in the Customer Area > FinanceSales to Payouts.

Balance transfers can occur in several cases, for example:

  • Positive Balance transfers can occur in cases where we are unable to payout to you, most of the time this would be due to the fact that there is no bank account configured yet. If this is the case, you can follow instructions to configure your bank account

  • Negative Balance transfers can occur when fees are higher than sales (e.g. high chargebacks). Balance transfers can also occur where we need to withhold funds from being paid out due to the fact that there are incoming refunds that need to be processed with the help of these funds. If the debits outweigh the credits, the deficit is rolled over to the next payable.


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