How can I connect my terminal to a secure or hidden network?

In order to connect a terminal to a network with a pre-loaded certificate or that is not visible by scanning, you will have to use a network profile. Network Profiles can be configured in the Customer Area. This feature can be used to provide complex connection information to terminals for secure networks.

This feature can be configured either per terminal, or on the Global Properties for a Merchant Account or Company Account.

  • Access the customer area
  • Select Point of Sale > Terminals > Terminal serial number
    • Alternatively, Point of Sale > Global Properties to make this change for all terminals
  • Click on the Network tab.
  • Click on Create Configuration button under the WiFi Profiles section.
  • Fill in the form, select the Auth Type that matches your network and provide all the information required.
  • Save the changes.
  • Whenever a device is boarded on this account it will download this WiFi profile and set the network.

Important! The terminal will need to connect to a network and be boarded before it can pick up a configured network profile.

Please note your user needs to have POS admin roles to see the above options.

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