How can we customise the Magento 2 plugin?

We overall do not recommend or provide support for customising the plugin, however we understand you might want to make some styling changes in the default plugin. Changing the styling should not negatively impact the plugin, but please be aware that we do not support any customisations of the order flow.

From version 4.1.0 onwards we replaced the HPP integration with components within Magento. This means that we started using CSS styling instead of customisation through skins.


Styling within the Magento 2 plugin

The StyleObject should be added here, the StyleObject is defined in our documentation through the styles field. The CSS Styles can be adjusted here.


Changing the payment method name

If you would like to change the payment method name you could do some changes within the adyen hpp method.

The `` is the name of the payment method that is going to appear on the frontend so you need to change the `value.title` to the title that you would want to show for each payment method. Be aware that this may change in later releases, so we suggest to test this thoroughly.

An example is:

if(result.getBrandCode() === 'paymentmethodtitle') {value.title = 'newpaymentmethodtitle';}


Changing logos

If you would like to change any of the default logos, these can be changed by by replacing logos in the logos folder.


Important note: We recommend that you review and test any customizations or third-party extensions that you use in combination with this plugin. For more information refer to the technical release notes on GitHub.

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