Why do I see orders stuck in Payment Review in Magento, which are offers on Adyen's side?

Orders that stay in Payment Review are most often a result of abandoned offers. Abandoned offers are created when the customer is redirected for 3D authentication, but then abandons the session during the payment process. Offers can be found in the Customer Area > Transactions > Offers.


How to close offers

Open offers could cause your inventory to be blocked for a longer period of time. On the Adyen side the OFFER_CLOSED notification can be enabled to make sure the order is cancelled if there is no authorisation within a certain period of time. To enable the OFFER_CLOSED notification, please contact support. The open offers will then be closed in Magento when the OFFER_CLOSED notifications are received. Please note that once the OFFER_CLOSED notification is enabled, only new orders will be closed by the notification. Older orders need to be manually closed from the database.

The period after which these notifications are sent out differs per payment method (e.g. 12 hours for card transactions). The period of 12 hours for cards is quite long for some business models, but we highly advise against decreasing this period. As notifications are sent asynchronously there is a a high risk of missing the window that the transaction can authorised if the period is too short. From the plugin perspective we are also not able to implement a shorter period as some alternative payment methods (e.g. bank transfer) have a long period for receiving the notification, and will result in edge case issues where Magento would not allow us to reopen these closed orders. If you still would like to close these orders earlier, knowing the above risks, you could build a custom logic for this. 


Other possible causes
Another cause of order being stuck in Payment Review could be a problem in the server communication or cronjob. More information can be found in the FAQ - Why is the order status in Magento not being updated?

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