Is my integration using 3D Secure?

The quickest way to check in the Customer Area if you use 3D Secure is to log in to your account and navigate to Transactions > Payments.

From the Payments page, use the configuration wheel on the right side of the column headers 


to add the additional columns: 

  • 3D authenticated;
  • 3D offered; 
  • Liability indicator.

You are using 3D Secure if the Payments page looks like: 


with some transactions with a check under Liability indicator and letters under 3D offered and 3D authenticated. Please refer to our Raw 3D Secure responses docs to understand the meaning of those letters.


You are probably not using 3D Secure if the Payments page looks like :


with a cross under Liability indicator and no letter under 3D offered and 3D authenticated. 


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