How can I check if I’m currently using 3D secure?

It is important to know if you already support 3DS on your in-scope sales channels in order to be compliant with PSD2. 

If you have an existing 3D Secure 1 integration, you are already PSD2 SCA-compliant. We will support 3DS 2 through the same 3D Secure 1 redirect authentication

There are 2 ways to check in the Customer Area if you already offer 3D secure to your shoppers:

  1. Add an additional column "Liability indicator" to your payments list via the configuration wheel on the right side of the payment overview >> filter on the Y, N and U response to find any 3D secure related payments.

  2. The 3D Secure status of a transaction can also be seen on the payments detail page. Possible options which indicate you are offering 3D secure are:

If you currently don't offer 3DS you will see the below response on the payment detail page: 


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