What is my terminal Admin PIN?

The Admin menu PIN and transaction menu PIN can be retrieved from the Customer Area using the below steps. These PIN codes are used when accessing the terminal menus pressing 8 + Green or 9 + Green and cannot be given to you by support.

  1. Go to the Customer Area in your browser (https://ca-live.adyen.com).
    • If you see "Test" presented on the home screen of your terminal, please make sure to navigate to the test Customer Area (https://ca-test.adyen.com).
  2. Go to the Point-of-sale section.
  3. Go to the Terminals page.
  4. Select the terminal you would like to know the Admin menu PIN for.
  5. Click on View decrypted properties (at the bottom of the page).
  6. Go to the Menu and access tab.
  7. The Admin PIN is shown under "Menu PINs".

If you are unable to retrieve the Admin menu PIN because it's not visible, please reach out the the admin user within your organisation. This user should have access to the Admin menu PIN. Otherwise, contact Adyen Support if you have additional questions.

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