How do I verify my email address?

To use the customer area after you got a user account you need to verify your email address. This needs to be completed at first log-in or after you have made changes to your email address.

There are two ways to complete the verification:

Using the verification email

  1. Click on the link in the verification email from
  2. Verify that your connection is secure and you are on the Adyen log-in page:
  3. Enter your login credentials and click on ‘Log In’
  4. The message “Email Address Verification Succeeded” will display. Your email is now verified

Using the customer area

  1. Log into the customer area with the credentials you have received from the admin user
  2. Change your temporary password to a new password and click save
  3. A message will display that your e-mail address is not verified
  4. Click the button to resend the verification email if needed
  5. Open the link in the verification email from
  6. Your email is now verified


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