Why are the fees different on my Invoice and Monthly Finance Report?

Due to subtle differences in how the fees are calculated for Monthly Finance Reports and for Invoices, different fees may be shown in each. The Monthly Finance Report (MFR) calculates the total costs of the transactions in a different way than the invoice: MFR calculates the costs per transaction, while the invoice calculates based on the total turnover of the month.

The above mentioned creates two main differences:

  1. Rounding difference, because calculation is also based on percentage (%).
  2. Currency conversion, also based on the total amounts and thus different.

You should use the Monthly Finance Report as an overview only, and not for reconciling your transactions or transaction count for a given month. If you would like to automate your payment reconciliation, please refer to Automate payment reconciliation.

For more information on how to reconcile your invoice, see the Reporting Manager in the Customer Area.

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