Why are Adyen alternative payment methods not showing up in Magento?

If the expected alternative payment methods are not showing in Magento, this could be due to a few different reasons:

  1. The payment method you are expecting is not available in the country and currency combination for the current shopper. For example, iDEAL will only show if the shopper is located in the Netherlands and the processing currency is EUR. For an overview of which countries are supported for each payment method, refer to Payment methods overview

  2. It could be that the CountryCode and Currency are not correctly passed in your checkout.The Adyen plugin should dynamically inject the alternative payment methods, depending on the billing address country. The injection happens in this function. A third-party module or customization made to the plugin can prevent this observer execution. To check whether this is the case, you check if you are using third-party modules, and if so disable the third-party modules, and use the standard Magento checkout instead.

  3. The payment method is not enabled on your account. To check which payment methods are enabled on your account, go to the Customer Area > Account > Payment Methods > Select your merchant account. If you want to add a payment method, follow the steps described in How do I add a new payment method?
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