Why does the order status in Magento remain on 'Payment Review'?

If the status is not updated in your Magento environment, it is often related to one of the reasons described here . Often your payments will get stuck in pending review as the authorisation notification is not received.

Most often the issue is related to your server communication and cron. In that case the comment history on your order page would not show the “Adyen HTTP Notification(s)” messages.


In order to process payments, the Magento cron will have to acknowledge each of the notifications we send to your server with an [accepted], more information on notifications be found here. Second, your cron will need to process the notifications.


  • Accepting the notifications: In this case the server communication then appears in red with a troubleshoot button. If you would like to troubleshoot why the notifications are stuck, please find more information here: Account >> Server Communication >> Troubleshoot.
  • Processing of the notifications: If the notifications are being [accepted], it could also be the issue that the cron is not processing the notifications. This can often be checked by ’testing’ the configuration in the server communication (with the Edit & Test button). In those cases, please check your cron.
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