Why did I receive a chargeback on a 3DS transaction?

A chargeback can be initiated on a 3DS liability shift transaction and is allowed if the dispute reason code is consumer related. For example, the cardholder is disputing the delivery or the quality of the goods/ services.

3DS is only a full remedy against fraud, it does not apply to other reason codes. Therefore, you should defend chargebacks with other reason codes. Fraudulent chargebacks will be automatically defended by Adyen. 

In some instances, the bank is not able to verify the 3DS authentication (due to a technical error for example). There is no liability shift protection against fraud either in that case. For all information on the 3D Secure liability shift rules please read our documentation page: 3D Secure chargeback liability shift rules.

In the Adyen Customer Area, we display a green tick mark (✅ ) on the payment page whenever a transaction has liability shift protection.

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