Why am I not receiving notifications?

This occurs when your endpoint/server did not accept a notification that we sent.
When your server doesn't accept a notification, all of your next notifications become queued.
For more information, refer to queued notifications.  

If you're server is not accepting notifications properly a system message in the Customer Area will be displayed and if you have subscribed to system messages, you will also receive an email indicating that the endpoint is not accepting notifications.




You need to update your server configuration to accept all notifications.
We recommend that you store the accepted notification in your database.
For troubleshooting steps please refer to Set up notifications/webhooks in your Customer Area.


Manually accepting the notification

Only to be used if you're unable to update your server immediately but need to receive your other notifications, you can manually accept the notification.
NB: By doing this, your notifications will no longer be queued, but your server will not receive the notification you manually accepted.

Refer to How do I manually accept a queued notification?



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