What are offers?

A payment that is pending authorisation is referred to as an open offer. This is specific to payment methods where authorisation is asynchronous, for example when the payment requires a redirect to the issuer. 3D secure payments are a good example of these payments, in addition to payment methods that require a redirect such as iDeal.

Your admin user can find these in Customer Area > TransactionsOffers.

Offers can have the following statuses:

  • Open - The offer is not yet authorised, cancelled, or closed.
  • Received - The offer is converted to a payment.
  • OfferCancelled - The offer is closed due to cancellation.
  • OfferExpired - The offer is expired due to our system’s “close-off” period.

If an offer expires, it may still be authorised, or you can refund the amount. Write your code to handle these cases.

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