Can my business submit Level 2/3 data?

By submitting Level 2/3 data you can cut your Interchange rates on US domestic transactions by up to 90 basis points. At the same time, your shoppers will see additional information about their purchase on their credit card statement. For more information on which transactions are eligible, see Level 2/3 data qualification requirements.

Not all businesses can submit Level 2 and 3 data. If your business has one of the following Merchant Category Codes (MCC) you are not eligible for submitting Level 2/3 data, but it might be possible to pass another type of additional data to obtain interchange incentives (see third column):

MCC Card scheme Data Type
3000-3350 (Airlines) Mastercard and Visa Airline
3351-3501 (Automobile / Vehicle Rental) Mastercard and Visa Car rental
3501-3999 (Hotels / Motels) Mastercard and Visa Lodging
4112 (Passenger Railways) Mastercard and Visa Unavailable
4411 (Steamship and Cruise Lines) Visa Unavailable
4511 (Airlines and Air Carriers) Mastercard and Visa Airline
4722 (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators) Visa Airline or Lodging or Car rental
5812 (Eating Places and Restaurants) Mastercard and Visa Unavailable
5814 (Fast Food Restaurants) Visa Unavailable
7011 (Lodging - Hotels, Motels, and Resorts) Mastercard and Visa Lodging
7361 (Employment Agencies, Temporary Help Services) Mastercard Temporary Services
7512 (Automobile Rental Agency) Mastercard and Visa Car rental
7513 (Automobile/Vehicle Rental) Mastercard Car rental
7519 (Automobile/Vehicle Rental) Mastercard Car rental

Note: Data Type is the applicable data type to send for the merchant under that MCC.

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