How does the fraud score work?

As part of RevenueProtect, Adyen performs fraud checks on each transaction. The outcome of these checks is the fraud score. 

There are two types of fraud checks:

  • Pre-authorisation checks are performed before the authorisation takes place, such as shopper behavior, referral list checks, and so on.
  • Post-authorisation checks include data that is received by issuers, such as AVS data and CVC codes.

If both types of checks together add up to 100 or more, the transaction will have a Received and Refused status. Find more information on how to configure risk rules in our documentation here: Create and use risk profiles.

To check the fraud score for a specific payment, in the Customer Area go to the payment page of the payment (TransactionsPayments Search for payment > Click on the PSP reference) and on the payment page click on the number next to Fraud Scoring. This will link you to the Risk results page which shows you which rules got triggered.

You can change the calculation for a fraud score, or disable fraud score criteria in Risk > Risk profiles. Take care when changing settings, as if this is done incorrectly you may cause all payments to be refused.

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