Is it possible to show the merchant name on the shopper's bank statement?

Yes, this is possible for Visa and Mastercard payments. 

The credit card statement consists of two parts:

  • The merchant name (beneficiary) and city. These are always included on the statement by default
  • The payment description, which is also called a dynamic descriptor or shopper statement.

For Adyen acquiring, you can submit the dynamic description in a payment request by submitting the shopperStatement field. This value is then appended to the merchant name in Visa/Mastercard authorization and capture messages. We can also either set this shopper statement on the merchant account level or include dynamic fields such as the merchantReference or pspReference. These values will then automatically be submitted for each transaction. 

For iDEAL, we display the merchantReference and the trade name (your merchant name) by default. However, if the merchantReference is too long, there may be not enough room for the trade name on a bank statement. Instead, you can provide a shopperStatement value, which then will be displayed along with the trade name.

Note that we send this additional information to the issuer, but are not responsible for displaying the information on the shopper statement. Ultimately it is the issuing bank which decides what exactly is displayed on the shopper's bank statement.

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