How can I connect my terminal to Adyen?

Network connection issues can take many forms and can be solved in various ways. The most common symptoms of a connectivity issue include:

  • The terminal screen shows the message "Network disconnected".
  • Payments are failing or all being refused.
  • When pairing the terminal, the Adyen POS Application shows the message "Failed to communicate with device".
  • The terminal fails the "PSP Connection" diagnostic test.

This happens when the terminal can't connect to Adyen. This can be caused by a problem either with the store's network, or the terminal's network settings.

 To resolve the issue, try the following: 

  1. Confirm that your network meets our POS network requirements.
  2. On the terminal, check that a valid IP address is assigned. Sometimes the IP address of the terminal changes (particularly when using dynamic IPs). This causes a loss of connectivity between the device and the cash register. You can read more about assigning a static IP address here: How can I set a Static IP Address on my Terminal?
  3. Check the IP address of the terminal. If the IP is your router is not assigning a valid address. Contact your IT/Network team or your internet service provider for assistance.
  4. Make sure all the components of your network, such as the cables and router, are working.

If you're still having issues, reset the existing connection and create a new one. Please also try our troubleshooting steps, to check your specific kind of network.

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