How do I block or trust a shopper?

If you're using RevenueProtect, each transaction will be assigned a fraud score. If this is 100 or higher, the transaction is refused.

You can change how the fraud score for a specific shopper is calculated by adding them to a Block list or Trust list. Adding a shopper to a Block list increases their fraud score. Adding them to a Trust list decreases their fraud score.

To add a shopper to a Block or Trust list:

  1. Go to Customer Area > TransactionsPayments, and select a payment from the shopper by clicking the [PSP reference].
  2. Expand the Fraud Control section, and select which attributes you want to block or trust.
  3. Select Block or Trust, and click Apply.

Note: You can also add shoppers to a Block or Trust list using API requests. For more information, refer to Referrals API reference.

If you have not done so already, you also need to apply a risk check score. This will determine how much the fraud score increases or decreases. Take care when doing this. If done incorrectly you may cause all payments to be refused. 

To configure the risk check scores:

  1. Go to Customer Area > Risk > Risk profiles.
  2. Under Referral, set a risk check score for the attributes you configured earlier:


  • To Block a shopper, add a score with a positive value on the right. This determines how much the fraud score will increase for shoppers on the Block list. The transaction will be blocked when the shopper’s fraud score is higher than 100.
  • To Trust a shopper, add a score with a negative value on the left. This determines how much the fraud score will decrease for shoppers on the Trust list.

For more information on the referrals, see Block and trust lists.

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