How do I add, edit, or remove my bank account?

You can manage your bank / payout account information in the Customer Area

First, check if you have the required roles:

  • To view payout account information, you need to have a Merchant admin or Merchant financial role.
  • To be able to add, edit, or delete payout accounts, you need to be assigned with a Merchant manage bank accounts role.

If you do not have the correct roles, please reach out to your admin user.

Next, select the merchant-level account in Customer Area then click on Finance > Payout accounts. You will find an overview of all payout accounts that are currently set up for the merchant.

To add a new payout account, click Finance > Payout accounts > Add payout account. Choose one of these options:

  • Click Add new to start from scratch. Follow all the steps, fill in the required details, and upload a bank statement.
  • Click Copy from. Select the merchant that you want to copy the payout accounts from, and follow all the steps.

Once your payout account is approved, you can copy approved payout accounts from this merchant to one or several other merchant accounts.

To edit or delete a payout account, click Finance > Payout accounts and find the payout account. On the payout account line, in the actions menu (...), click Edit details or Close this account.

Adyen needs to approve any payout account changes, except for a deletion. Once we approve the request, the requester and the admin user will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

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