How are refunds and chargebacks managed and deducted in Adyen for Platforms?

Full refunds, where no split information is specified, are processed according to the original split. That is, all split amounts are fully reversed.

For example, a payment of 100 EUR with two split amounts of 10 EUR & 90 EUR to two distinct sub-merchant accounts:

- If this were fully refunded, with no split information specified, Adyen will deduct 10 EUR and 90 EUR from those same accounts.

- If a split is specified in the API call, the refund will be processed according to the split, including if the total refund amount is less than the original payment amount, that is a "partial refund".

- If a partial refund is requested with No split information, we process the refund by taking the funds from the platform's liable account, and none is taken from the accounts specified in the split of the original payment.

Likewise with chargebacks:

If a chargeback is the full value of the original payment, Adyen will deduct funds from the sub-merchant's account according to the original split. However, if the chargeback is partial, the chargeback amount is instead taken from the liable account. It is also possible to configure chargebacks to be taken from the liable account regardless if the chargeback is the same as the original amount. Contact Adyen support if you prefer this configuration.

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