At what point is my payment considered complete?

Depending on the payment method, the time on which you can consider a payment successful will be different.
For card payments and most of the payment methods available on our platform, a payment is considered successful if the current state of it is either SentForSettle or SettleScheduled. This is the expected status for a payment after a successful capture action is triggered.

For few payment methods (such as SEPA Direct Debit or Sofort,) SentForSettle does not guarantee any assurance of funds reaching the merchant account. This funds are not guaranteed until the transaction reaches settled state. When funds cannot be retrieved from the Customers account, transactions will change to Chargeback status. See more information available on Sepa Chargeback and Sofort Chargebacks.

In addition to this, your integration should be able to manage Pending payments. This status is triggered when it is not possible to obtain the final status of the payment at this time after the redirect. The final status of the transaction will be updated to the merchant via Notification callback. See our Result codes documentation.

For more information on the different stages of a payment, see the Payments Lifecycle.

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